The Blue Print That Leads to a Successful and Profitable Affiliate Business

If one wants to run a successful and profitable Affiliate Business, then they will want to follow this blue print. This company has a unique process that provides affiliate members the ability to purchase both life time customers and down line affiliate members. It is called cooperative marketing. Cooperative marketing allows affiliate members to acquire both customers and affiliate members through media advertising on TV, Radio, and the Internet.

An affiliate member can purchase customers and affiliate members; through a process call bundle purchases. Each bundle comes in a package of three. These bundles can consist of all members (customers only) or affiliate members (or a customer who has also chosen to be an affiliate). The bundles come mixed and matched; some can be customers, some can be two customers and one affiliate, some can be one customer and two affiliates, and some end up being all affiliates.

They are packaged as the calls come in so no one knows how each bundle will turn out. To become an affiliate this process is 100% free.

The point is this; when an affiliate purchases a bundle they are getting at the minimum a paying customer. So what is the significance of this to the affiliate; they get what is called a hot lead. Not a warm lead, but a hot one. Why, because they have already decided that they want the product and have made a purchase.

It cannot get any better than this. On the internet this would be considered a click through. An affiliate’s success is determined by how many bundles they purchase each month.

The more bundles that they buy the faster their business grows. They can count on the advertising dollars that they spend, to bring in solid results every time. So for every advertising dollar they spend they are guaranteed three customers.

So is there a catch? Well yes and no; when bundles are purchased then the affiliate is required to immediately go to work!

Unlike most direct sells or MLM/Network marketing companies; affiliates are generally left on their own to find customers and to create their own sells, whether it is utilizing online leads, warm market resources, or word of mouth advertising.

However with this company each affiliate is provided with instant customers and an affiliate pool to draw from.

There is no guarantee that these customers or affiliates will stick around, but it is clear that they are looking for what is being offered as they would not be answering the ad on the television commercial if this were not so.

Reading the remainder of this article will give one greater details on how cooperative marketing can work for them.

The company products are predicated on the customer having a wellness experience through the use of these products. The key is for customers and customer affiliates to have a personal wellness experience, or they will fade away very quickly.

So the first task of an affiliate is to learn about the company products; why they are different from other products in the market, and why and how they actually work. Once an affiliate can identify with this company’s bio-technology, they understand why this particular company is having a resounding positive success in the market place.

Affiliates need to learn about why thousands of customers are having successful wellness experiences after using these products. Once they understand this and embraced this they are ready and prepared to share these results and testimonies with others. In most cases affiliates themselves have their own personal wellness experience when taking these products, such as in my case.

This company was built on providing their customers with wellness experiences as their products are consumed. Once this occurs customers will remain a customer and continue to reorder month after month. So prior to becoming an active affiliate, it is imperative that one becomes familiar with wellness experiences first hand, through an acquaintance, a family member, a friend, someone who has had a personal wellness experience, or your own personal wellness experience.

Once one has shared in an experience like this, they are now ready to buy bundles, because at this point they truly know that the products really work. Their belief system is now at the top of their game, and no one can discredit these nutraceutical products, because they can attest that they work. They then know it is only a matter of sharing the products with the people, by encouraging them, and support them by sharing their own personal wellness experience.

There are two reasons that a person will not continue the use of these products, first they state that the product did not work for them. However, because now each affiliate has experienced it for them self or have witnessed someone else’s wellness experience after using these products; they can now assume that the reason the product did not work for their customer is because they did not take enough of the product or they did not take the product for a long enough period of time.

The second objection is the cost; there is nothing that we can do about that. The truth of the matter is that most people can afford it if they put it high enough on their priority list, and we are finding that in many cases wellness is really not a priority until something catastrophic happens.

We have found that a good portion of the population in North America; have an entitlement mentality and want cheaper products or co-pays for the medical remedies, or a quick fix;

So an affiliate’s responsibility is to arm them self with facts and then share these facts with their customers who are purchasing the product. Never get short or rude with a customer, but be focused on giving them the real facts.

Treat them with respect, but always share a wellness story with them so that they are able to relate with the end result that they are looking for. Let them know that they too can have the relief that they are looking for and can expect it if they will allow the products enough time to do their job.

Then let them decide for themselves. Just remind them that many people do not get the results that they seek until they are resolved to take a full dose of the product for up to 2 months. Or they become willing to stick with the products until they eventually receive the results that they desire.

The key is that they need to be reminded that this company provides all of their customers a 60 day 100% money back guarantee on every product that is ordered, so there is never a risk. This company stands behind their products and provides 100% complete satisfaction.

This premier company is in the business of creating long lasting loyal customers, customers that are achieving their wellness goals. They have implemented many no-cost solutions to better ones health, known as the 10 essentials to better health and wellness. They have many other free tools that affiliates can use free of charge to help their customers to improve their health on a daily basis.

Knowing all of this an affiliate member can now move forward to earn a very lucrative income sharing these products and health related solutions with others. If ones belief system is not there then they will not shared these products with anyone. Continued research on the company product line is a must; affiliates must continue to learn and do their own research. If one is unwilling to do this, then this business opportunity is not for them.

This being said the task is to find people in their bundles who want to achieve a product experience and want to attain better health and wellness. So Affiliates need to search for individuals who are willing to stick it out until the product or products are working for them. We have thousands of testimonies from around all of North America of people like this; so like anything else; it is a process of elimination, working with each customer one at a time.

There are no short cuts, one must diligently get on the phones day after day and the results consistently and regularly appear over time.

A person can be confident that their customer base will continue to increase over and over again as people claim to have wellness experiences. Once this happens, they share their results with others and the business continues to grow.

We continue to see people who have tried the products; quit, and then come back to try them a second time as someone they know has had a wellness experience. They want that same wellness experience their friend or relative is now having so they return and start all over again. They are now ready to stick with the product until they get the relief that others are getting.

The reason that we spend so much time in this area is because once a person truly understands that these products are really working for thousands of people; the process becomes automatic and it is only a matter of time before business success occurs.

The important thing is that it is not just the affiliate members who are giving testimonies about these products, but it is customers who do not want to become an affiliate they just want to use the products and share their results with others.

Customer testimonies are the true testimonies. Most people assume that affiliates embellish their testimonies; as their motivation is to sell more products. Yet when one gives a customer only testimony, they have no motivation to give a false testimony. They simply state what the product is really doing for them. And this company has thousands of testimonies just like this.

You see they have no skin in the game. They are just happy to share the success that the products are delivering them.

That is why each person must check this out for them self. Once a person knows what the company knows it is only a matter of time before they will be making residual monthly income. This is not passive income, because it is not, as every affiliate really has to work with each customer on a frequent basis to service their needs and encourage them.

But the work is very simple, affiliates call people who have already bought the product to build a relationship with them; by gently and in a caring way inform them what they have to do to get the results that they want and expect; give them testimonies of individuals who are having success using the products, call, follow-up, and help them to experience the health and wellness that they desire.

After doing this for a year it becomes delightful and rewarding. Every once in a while you will get a rude customer or someone will hang up the phone, but that is far and in between. In fact 80% of the customers called; thanks the affiliate for calling at the end of their conversation, and there are audio recordings to prove it.

The industry that this company is working with primarily deals with pain relief and inflammation reduction; it is a 50 billion dollar a year industry and is on the increase. The products being introduced, cause no side effects, are non-narcotic or toxic, are based upon100% natural food products (grown through natural processes), as they contain no pesticides or chemical fertilizers, and contain no preservatives or artificial coloring.

They have been formulated through bio-technology to work with the body entering through alternative pathways to get the products to the locations in the body where they are needed. They are delivered at full strength; targeting organs, muscles, and other structures at the cell level. These products detoxify and provide the nutrients for the body not only to survive, but thrive; by allowing the body the optimum opportunity for healing.

To believe the substance of this article, one needs to do research on this company’s mission statement and product endeavor. After doing a thorough investigation it compels many to want to promote this product line and business model. It will energize one to experience one’s own personal wellness experience.

Here is an example of one affiliates wellness experience. They have an auto immune disease called Neurosarcoidosis. It is said to be an incurable disease. For 13 years they lived with massive pain, daily high fevers, and cluster headaches.

There was nothing in the market that would eliminate their pain or headaches. The disease killed the right middle lobe of their lung system and it had to be surgically removed.

In the 9th year of this disease, this individual was hospitalized and quarantined for a week and they gave them 125 mg of prednisone intravenously four times a day to save their life. At this point the doctors said that there was nothing that they could do for them and that they needed to learn how to cope with their medical situation and were forced onto permanent disability.

From this point forward they had been sentenced to a life of taking prednisone as it was the only medicine that would control their immune system, but did not relieve any of the pain or stiffness throughout their body.

Well in April of 2009 they were introduced to several of this company’s products that would change their life forever. The transition did not take effect immediately, it took two months of continuous use with a combination of this company’s products before their body started to respond.

However after two months, their cluster headaches were gone and 90% of their pain was under control and they felt like a new person. They recently received excellent news from their pulmonary doctor. As About a year ago their blood pressure was 144 over 95 and pulse was in the upper 80’s bpm. Their blood oxygen was in the 80 percentile (which was poor) and they had severe pain all over and with cluster headaches two to three times each week.

Now one year later after staying on a regiment of these products their blood pressure is 120 over 80, and pulse is 74 bpm, with their blood oxygen now being at 97%. Wow what a difference. With this experience behind them, they know that these products can help them, and that they can help anyone, if they will stick with them long enough.

The great news is that they were on 20 mg of prednisone daily starting off the year. Now they are down to 12 mg daily and by the end of the year they are shooting to be under 7 mg per day. And even better news because of the decrease of the steroids, they have been able to exercise and have lost 47 pounds.

Was this easy, no? Did it work, yes? The key is that they were determined to get their life back. If people want to get their life back, then they need to take control and be responsible to accomplish this.

This testimony is mine…

What affiliate members should be looking for, are people like this. People who want their life back. There are many people looking for a quick fix. Well my story above is not about a quick fix. I was willing to take the steps necessary to obtain better health and wellness. There are real fixes, but it takes time, money, and effort to get the benefits desired.

The people who are willing to do what it takes can have it all. And when becoming an affiliate member with this unique company’s cooperative marketing plan, one has the products and the tools to succeed.

Now that this story has been revealed health and wellness and financial stability can be achieved. It is only a decision away for those individuals who want it. You see it really does not matter what others think once you have experienced your own personal wellness or have witnessed others who have had their own personal wellness experiences; now you know what you are sharing is the truth. And at this point you will have become a loyal affiliate and customer.

This company’s affiliates are looking beyond satisfied customer to a much higher level; they are seeking loyal customers as these customers are beyond being satisfied customers. As they are loyal to the company and the products because they work and are filling a need that nothing else can.

Affiliates do not need to convince anyone, because the products speak for themselves. The affiliate merely needs to share the products and the thousands of success stories they have learned about, continue to use the products, purchase bundles and help other people who want to experience health and wellness.

And everyday the customer list and affiliate down lines get bigger and bigger. Affiliates are making new friends every day across the entire United States and in Canada; and in February of 2011 this company will be opening their doors in Australia and then New Zealand in March. And expend health and wellness in to new lands around the world.

Here is the process of becoming a productive profitable affiliate member. This is only for those who are willing to work and desire to have a complete understanding of this company’s wellness concept and belief system. Once one has embraced these concepts their success is only a matter of putting in the effort to succeed.

Step one: become a customer of this company, try the products and learn about why their products work. Learn how they work and become a product of the product. Why because they will increase your quality and length of life.

Become knowledgeable about all of the testimonies and learn about all of the different types of challenges that are facing people. Once you have this information and have embedded this in your mind, then you will be able to start your affiliate membership. Until you do so, your belief system will not be strong enough. Once a person’s belief system is strong enough, they are then ready to go to the next step.

Remember this; this is not a question as to whether these products work, but it is a question as to when they will work for the individual taking the product. You cannot skip step one or you will fail, it is that simple. You see affiliates are not expected to sell anything; you see once their belief system is strong enough, they simply share personal stories and testimonies. Then they allow the products to speak for themselves.

Because affiliate members purchase bundles they never have to sell a product, they only need to service the customers they purchase, they need to reassure them that the products will deliver what they claim to, and once they discover that a customer is willing to continue to use them long enough to achieve a wellness experience, their job is to encourage the individual and comfort the individual until the break through occurs. The affiliate is to always remind the customer that this company stands behind their products by offering a 60 day unconditional 100% money back guarantee. And that is it!

An affiliate’s responsibility is to make sure that the customer gets their order in a timely manner, that it is complete, and to handle any issues that their customers may have.

After you have completed step number one and you are ready to become an active affiliate member, to complete step two, you must become what they call share and earn qualified in order to be able to purchase bundles.

To become share and earn qualified you need to be an affiliate member and have a specified product on a monthly auto ship. This is a flag ship product that was bio-chemically designed to reduce and in many cases eliminate chronic inflammation. This is the primary product that produces the wellness experience that thousands of people are writing personal testimonies about.

Then step three, once you have become share and earn qualified, you need to have acquired two affiliate members in your down line that are share and earn qualified. Once this has been achieved new affiliates can now start to order bundles for themselves to grow their customer and affiliate member list.

To qualify with two affiliate share and earn qualified affiliate members is actually fairly simple. The first thing that one can do is to sponsor a spouse and or a child who is over 18 years of age. If one is able to sponsor two individuals in their family and put them on monthly auto ship this qualifies them.

In the event that an affiliate does not have a spouse or child they can sponsor, in many cases the up line sponsor may be willing to enroll one or two share and earn qualified affiliates and place them in to the new affiliates down line; from bundles that they have already purchased.

This is only done if the new affiliate is serious and is committed to building their business through the purchase of bundles. The definition of committed is an affiliate who is willing to commit to purchase two or more bundles each month.

This defines the true meaning of cooperative marketing; people working together for the benefit of all.

For an up line to be willing to do this, the new affiliate must agree to start purchasing bundles each and every month moving forward. They must agree to purchase at a minimum two bundles each month. But let’s be realistic, affiliates who want to see steady growth in their business; need to be willing to purchase 10 to 15 bundles each month for up to 5 to 6 months.

Without this level of involvement the momentum to propel sells and growth will be slow and arduous. If a new affiliate is unable to do this, then they will need to tap in to other traditional resources to grow their business.

That is it!

This is the entire blue print. Affiliates do not have to chase customers for sells. There is no guess-work as customers come to their purchasers through the media bundle program, better known as cooperative marketing. Affiliates are generated out of satisfied customers who transition from not just wanting to be a customer but have gained the desire to share these products with others. Once a person is inspired through a wellness experience they immediately want to share this information with everyone.

The up line leadership in the organization teaches the entire process to their down line affiliates; how to purchase bundles, what to say and when to contact their bundle customers and affiliate members, and then they teach affiliates how to transition excited customers in to becoming active affiliates.

Everything has been categorized in to step by step processes. It is work, but it is easy and real results are achieved by going through this process over and over. Using the three-foot rule is no longer a requirement, as our affiliates have customers coming to them.

This company has been airing infomercials on their product line for over a decade now. They have acquired over 2,000,000 customers in North America during this time frame. They are the only direct sells company who combines a cooperative marketing concept with an affiliate sells force producing lifelong customers and affiliates.

Once an affiliate is in, they are in for life. I have not found anyone who is willing to walk away from steady monthly income, whether it be a couple a hundred dollars a month, or full-time income.

It is a cross-breed between franchising, network marketing, and direct sells. They are all three combined by pulling out the best attributes from each. They have created a brand name product line that is needed and works as advertised. The advertising campaigns make the affiliate members feel like they own their own personal nationwide franchise.

This company pays on two seven tier matrix compensation plans, combining the best of both network and MLM marketing programs; the first form of payment comes from customer product sells and the second from commission on the volume created by their down line affiliates. Affiliates are paid weekly so that new affiliates can continually invest in their business in the short-term providing rapid and exponential growth.

Affiliates are given the tools to run their business as if they are in direct sells for the company, by providing product literature, follow-up mail magazines and brochures, and email ads at no cost to the affiliates.

And even better yet, affiliates need not handle any products, the entire fulfillment process is completed by the company; they take all orders via a 1 800 number or on the internet, they deliver all of the products and literature, and they deal with customer issues and returns. This allows the affiliates to truly create solid long term relationships with their customers.

The affiliates are truly in partnership with the company, and through cooperative marketing; they and the company share in the total success of the business.

There are no secrets with hidden agendas; it works just as it has been portrayed. If one is a self-starter and they are willing to pick up the phone to call customers and are willing to work with this duplicatable process and not reinvent the wheel; then this business opportunity is right for them.

One can get more information by contacting me through the means listed below. Call me, write me, or check me out on Facebook or LinkedIn

Warm regards and God Bless…

Three Crucial Considerations For A New Affiliate Business

Statistics on the web state that about a quarter of new businesses fail during the first year of being set up and only 10% of those who set up websites actually earn money online. Now, I am not sure how close to the mark these statistics come, but it is fair to say that many online affiliate businesses fail and even more internet marketing business go under within the first five years. Why is this? I believe that there are three crucial considerations for a new affiliate business.

I am a year down the road now, and only about 40% of what I have learned do I really need to know. If you are in the throes of setting up your affiliate marketing business, or if you have just started your affiliate marketing venture, then I wish to point you in the right direction. If I had known what I know now back then, I would be starting my affiliate marketing venture in a different place, in a different way and with different resources. Knowing the three crucial considerations for a new affiliate business would have been really useful too.

The first crucial consideration has to be the actual decision itself. If you are thinking of starting your affiliate business then I would advise that you do some research and start writing lists of why you are going into this business. Do you know enough about it and do you know why you want to do it. Are you sure that you know all the pitfalls and what do you hope to get out of your business. Think of all the pro’s and con’s of affiliate marketing and make lists upon lists then go through these lists. Because, if you are simply looking to get-rich-quick, then this is not the business for you. If you think that you will be earning a mega-fortune in a fortnight’s time then affiliate marketing is definitely not for you. However, if you are going into affiliate marketing because you know that it takes hard work and perseverance then this is the business for you. You also need to know that affiliate marketing equals one thing and one thing only. TAKING ACTION. If you want your business to succeed, then it’s no good sitting there, waiting for a miracle. You will need to take action all day every day. Even if this is researching and writing articles or working on your e-mail marketing campaigns, you need to take action.

Don’t ever give up. For instance, if your website is not getting the amount of traffic you want, then you need to keep going, refine and continue. Don’t ever give up because you would have wasted all that time and effort. I don’t want to put you off, so let me tell you why I went into affiliate marketing. I wanted to work from home (paramount to me) and I wanted to start my own business. I had been a PR exec years ago, and I wanted to work online, and having said that, I am not a sales person. I don’t enjoy selling one-to-one with people, but I enjoy marketing to some degree. So, affiliate marketing for me seemed the only option. I think I know myself quite well and I can say, a year down the road, that I made absolutely the right decision. However, I need to let you know that for me it wasn’t about the money. Don’t get me wrong, money is important to me; I love money. But I didn’t need to earn huge sums of money urgently because I was lucky, I had prepared. But I did need to work because I love working.

Times have come and gone when I could have pulled my hair out; especially with all the technical stuff. I would say, at this point, think about what your technical capabilities are, because this is a real factor to be considered. Affiliate marketing means that you need to have some IT experience. I was severely lacking in this area, I can tell you. So, this is the first of three crucial considerations for a new affiliate business.

Your second crucial consideration must be; how much do you know about what you are about to take on, for instance, do you know what affiliate marketing entails and do you know how much IT is going to be involved in setting up your own affiliate business. I say this, because a very good friend of mine decided that she would, too, set up an affiliate marketing business and work from home, simply because I had. The only problem is that she really doesn’t know how to use a computer, and I mean at all. So, this is a consideration. I wish I had been more skilled in IT before I started, but having said that, I have coped, just about. Although I say that, I have been really lucky because I joined a fabulous affiliate marketing training program that provides everything I need anyway.

You will also need to have some idea of what affiliate marketing is, although it is possible to learn. I have had the best teacher. I decided to join an affiliate marketing training program first because I knew absolutely nothing about affiliate marketing. If you are new to affiliate marketing, or even if you are au fait with it, you might find that you gain real benefit from joining an affiliate training program.

There are so many scams and cons out there that I would say investigate and research a reputable program so that you are not ripped off. To help you to avoid being ripped off, I would advise that you must not, at any time, part with any amount of money simply to find out about an affiliate training program. You would not pay to attend a job interview so why would you pay to find out about finding work? Also, steer clear of anything that purports to make you an overnight success or a millionaire by tomorrow because this is not the case. You will get to grips with the scams out there the more research you do, so be careful. I will say again, affiliate marketing is not a get-rich-quick scheme so if you go by this rule, you should be fine.

The affiliate marketing training program I joined provides everything including all the training, tools and support. For a minimal monthly membership fee, I get all the training, including videos, tutorials, downloads, articles, blogs and so on, all built around a comprehensive 8-week action plan that hand-holds the affiliate through the entire training schedule. There are 8 categories to get to grips with, but all have a great ‘Getting Started’ Guide about the particular category. As well as this, I am provided with all the tools, resources and aids with which to build the most successful marketing campaigns. But the most useful part of the training program must be the support. I have access to real people, including the top marketing experts as well as the owners of the program, themselves, they are on hand to guide, offer advice, and nurture me so that I am never left to just figure things out for myself. This is so useful. I was able to earn quite quickly, through the affiliate program, I get commission on new referrals to the program. I would not have been able to set up my business without the affiliate training program. Now, I have given you a brief overview of what my program offers (and for less than the cost of a latte each day) so that you can use it as a model comparison. If a training program can give you all this (and more) then I would say go with it

The third crucial consideration for a new affiliate business must be how much time and effort do you want to put into your affiliate business. There is a lot of information about affiliate marketing online, but I would have appreciated a warning about how much work is involved. As I previously stated, you will not become an overnight millionaire, but consistent action on your part will pay its rewards. If you are prepared to continue taking action and applying what you are learning or have been taught, then you will succeed eventually. It is really possible to earn as you learn, from the right program, so you will have some income coming in. The work that you put into your business will correlate with your success as an affiliate. You will need to test and track your efforts too, so that you can determine which campaigns are proving successful and which are not. This will enable the best use of your valuable time. There are free test and tracking tools out there to use. Affiliate marketing is about selling the right product to the right customer at the right time. If you get this right then you will be a huge success. Tracking your campaigns will help you to maximize this success. The program would agree with these three crucial considerations for a new affiliate business.

As I stated previously, I have been affiliate marketing for a year, and have earned residual income. However, if I had this overview, I would probably have realised profits earlier rather than later. I really hope that these three considerations for a new affiliate business provides you with a true picture about what it is you will be taking on with your new venture, and I wish you all the success in the world.